Covid: Epidemic growing across England, says study

But Prof Paul Elliot, who directs the study, said: “We can take quite a lot of comfort from the fact that when we look in the details, it does appear that there is very, very good protection in the older ages, where there is virtually everyone double vaccinated.

Biogen’s debated Alzheimer’s drug given to first patient

Nearly 25% of coronavirus survivors sought care for new medical ailments, study finds

FDA authorizes third Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine batch from troubled Baltimore plant


Bipartisan group of 21 senators back infrastructure deal with $580 in new spending

Details emerged early Thursday about the nearly $1 trillion infrastructure compromise in the works by a bipartisan group of 21 senators that calls for $580 billion in new spending. The group includes 11 Republicans and the framework’s endorsement is seen as a significant development in negotiations while President Biden was in Geneva meeting with Russian […]

New Mexico governor’s $6,000 to daughter for hair, makeup services not a campaign-finance violation: official

Cotton warns that China may try to collect DNA from athletes during Olympics

Crime wave dominates NYC mayoral debate as Yang touts key police endorsement


Shenzhou-12: China launches first crew to new space station

For its part, China says it is open to foreign involvement on its station. In the first instance, this means hosted scientific experiments. For example, the Shenzhou-12 crew will conduct cancer investigations that are led from Norway. And on the outside of the station, there is an Indian-developed telescopic spectrograph to study ultraviolet emissions coming […]


Secrets of tiny diving mammals revealed

“They’re so tiny, they lose heat so quickly, and they’re burning energy at such a high rate, so they have these very high costs,” he explained. “But they can afford that because there are huge gains of having the access to all the insect larvae [in rivers and streams].


SLS: First view of Nasa’s assembled ‘megarocket’

During this mission, known as Artemis-1, the SLS will carry Orion – America’s next-generation crew vehicle – towards the Moon. However, no astronauts will be aboard; engineers want to put both the rocket and the spaceship through their paces before humans are allowed on in 2023.