Virus cases ‘may be levelling off’ in England, figures suggest

Image copyright Getty Images The number of people in England testing positive for coronavirus may be levelling off, according to a household survey by the Office for National Statistics. After a low in cases at the end of June, it estimated infections had been rising slightly in July. Restrictions have been introduced in recent weeks […]

Malaria in Africa: Parasite ‘resistant to artemisinin’

Chronic pain: Antidepressants not painkillers recommended

Coronavirus: Shielding ends for two million in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland


UK and Japan look to seal trade deal within month

Image copyright DfIT The UK and Japan hope to agree the details of a post-Brexit trade agreement by the end of the month. The two sides said they had made progress during two days of face-to-face talks in London. Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said there was “substantial” agreement in most areas. And the UK’s […]

Robert Jenrick defends overhaul of England’s ‘outdated’ planning system

Russian hackers stole trade papers from Liam Fox email

Tory MP not suspended over rape allegation arrest while investigation ongoing


Climate change: Lockdown has ‘negligible’ effect on temperatures

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The global restrictions saw roads and motorways hardly used for several months The dramatic drop in greenhouse gases and air pollutants seen during the global lockdown will have little impact on our warming planet say scientists. Their new analysis suggests that by 2030, global temperatures will only be 0.01C […]


‘Paradise island’ hosts untold botanical treasures

Image copyright RBG Kew Image caption A flower from a species of forest climbers New Guinea has the highest plant diversity of any island in the world, botanists have discovered. The first full inventory of plants on the world’s largest tropical island reveals a treasure trove of flora. More than 13,000 species can be found […]


James Lovelock: Gaia theory creator on coronavirus and turning 101

James Lovelock, one of Britain’s greatest scientists, is famous for developing the Gaia hypothesis, which sees the Earth as a self-regulating system. In his long and influential career, he also revealed the chemicals that were destroying the ozone layer. He’s just celebrated his 101st birthday and the BBC’s chief environment correspondent Justin Rowlatt visited him […]